"I refuse to be a passenger in my life."

- crystal layland



As a speaker, my mission is to empower entrepreneurs and career professionals across the globe to grab a hold of the keys & get in the driver’s seat of their lives. "Quit letting life drive you!" ... My talk is aimed at those who find themselves uninspired or stuck in their personal and professional lives and have a strong desire for more.

I am a former college instructor, with a master’s degree in business administration and have been an entrepreneur for over 12 years.

In 2016, I published my first book, Her Fearless Hustle: A woman’s guide to stop being mediocre and live with purpose.Stop settling for mediocre, break through glass ceilings and be extraordinary.

In 2017, I launched Her Fearless Hustle podcast as an outlet to share my message with the world and has grown into a weekly interview show sharing my conversations highly successful women from all over the world on how they got out of their own way to overcome self-doubt, fear and imposter syndrome in order to make their impact in the world.

Aside from speaking, I currently coach women who are searching for career advancement, career change, entrepreneurship or simply a fresh start, helping them take back their life by igniting their passion, maximizing their potential, and increasing their self-worth (and income) without sacrificing their identity.

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5 Simple Shifts to Create Career Fulfillment.

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Crystal Layland is known for her dynamic influence sparking others to stop settling for mediocre, break through glass ceilings and be extraordinary. No more “what ifs”, no more excuses, no more “I can’ts”. She transforms those who were once sitting on the fence trying to decide to take that leap and walk in their true purpose; who are tired of feeling like their life is unfulfilled and uninspired when deep down they know there is something greater in them; and those who desire more but struggle with freeing themselves from the quicksand of fear.