Infidelity Podcast
Heal Emotional Wounds, Rediscover Yourself, Regain Inner Strength, & Take Back Your Life! 


DESCRIPTION...This podcast teaches ambitious, high achieving women how to bounce back from betrayal. If you want to know how to heal emotional wounds, regain your inner strength AND rediscover yourself so you can stop sabotaging your personal and professional growth and ultimately take back your life - subscribe to and review the podcast. 

ABOUT YOUR HOST...Crystal Layland, inventor of Take Back My Life, a transformational mentorship program for no-nonsense women who are 100% committed and ready to bounce back better than ever before.

The effects of infidelity cost me financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically – I held on to this pain for 15 years. I made the decision to be done cycling through anger + resentment every single day. Now, I devote my time and energy helping transform the lives of women who've been betrayed.

Its free to listen here. Subscribe to the show. If you’d like to clarity on where you are in your healing journey, and where you want to be and finding the exact steps that you need to happen in order to bridge that gap, let’s hop on a call. crystallayland.com/talk

PUBLISHING FREQUENCY...New episodes published on Wednesdays
DURATION OF SHOW... 20 minutes or less