And it’s devastated your world.

    You are someone who has always been fiercely independent and resilient but your partner’s infidelity shattered you to the core.

    You are passion-driven and have built an admirable career. You are well-respected in your industry and community which makes you even more humiliated that this happened to you.

    You don’t feel like your confident self. You are distracted, overwhelmed and have begun questioning your judgement which is highly unlike you.

    The relationship ended. Your heart has been broken and now you are looking to rewrite your future and bounce back better than ever before.

    I Can Help.

    My name is Crystal Layland and I am changing the way women bounce back from betrayal and take back their lives.

    The work I do with my clients helps them release the pain from past experiences and deeply heal their relationships with themselves.


    Why I’m Different

    I started helping women overcome sabotage and get out of their own way – Which is great!

    Many women need this but….

    What I found, much like my own story, many of the women who I had worked with had trouble clearing their emotional pain from an unfaithful partner – they were holding on to the incredible hurt, burying it deep, deep inside going through each day as if it will dissolve on its own.

    The truth is, the pain from betrayal can break you out of alignment no matter how strong or confident you are.

    That untapped, unreleased heart break eventually reveals itself in many sabotaging ways affecting your career and relationships with the ones you love most.

    Marriage and Family Therapists are incredibly beneficial at helping couples save their marriage or relationship but what about the couples that didn’t last?

    What about the women who rightfully chose to exit the relationship?

    It’s almost as though you’re alone. You my dear, shouldn’t be left alone to heal.

    After all, a break up doesn’t mean that the pain magically goes away.

    My system allows clients to seriously fast-track their healing process.

    My clients are finally able to rediscover their sense of self, regain inner strength, and attract a more fulfilling life.

    Your Next Step

    This isn’t couple’s therapy – this is about YOU!

    Schedule your Breakthrough Session today to get massive clarity, tremendous value & the roadmap for your next steps in taking back your life.