The 5-Step Strategy My Clients Use to Go From Career Burnout to Landing their DREAM Job & FINALLY Get Paid What They're Worth! ”

(Even when that felt impossible OR didn't know where to begin)


On this presentation you will discover...

  • The STEP-BY-STEP GAME PLAN my clients use to go from career burnout to landing thei dream job & finally get paid what they’re worth...even if that felt impossible OR if they didn’t know where to begin. 
  • What they've done to easily position & market their skills and experience to advance their career with CONFIDENCE & without imposter syndrome and worry around a lack of qualifications or connections
  • Why sacrificing hours hunting down jobs on “Indeed” or “”, pushing out resume after resume is the WRONG way to land your dream job and EXACTLY how to create immediate opportunities in your career starting now
  • The SECRET untapped skill my clients use to leverage their accomplishments, skills, and expertise in order to excel in their career and earn what they deserve even if they’ve been hiding or recently checked out
  • How my clients are able to BECOME BETTER LEADERS IN THEIR CAREERS and their lives so that they’re in control and no longer feel unheard, unseen or like they’re settling…and the secret system that makes it happen now! they do ALL of this without working harder, starting from the bottom or sacrificing quality time with their family.


About Your Host:

Crystal Layland is a leading expert for corporate women on navigating a career change through advancement, entrepreneurship or a complete career pivot.  

Her mission is to positively impact and influence entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe to grab a hold of the keys & get in the driver's seat of their lives.  

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