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Thinking about starting your own small business and wondering how to decide what business to start? Here are 6 simple, highly profitable business ideas that you can start today.


If you are looking to monetize your expertise and start your own small business, and are wondering what that could possibly look like, how I decide what business to start? You are in the right place.

When you are ready for the next chapter, you’re great at what you do, paid well, not interested in that next level with company or perhaps reached that glass ceiling maxing out in position and income – it may be your time that you start a business of your own, you may simply be unfulfilled and ready to do your own thing….but WHAT?

Today, I want to share with you 6 profitable ways in which you can monetize your expertise and that you can start immediately with little to no investment, minimal learning curve, and even while you are working full time (as long as your employer is okay with that).

When you work 9-5 and have a busy family, time is already limited.

The good news is the 6 business models that I am sharing today are perfect for someone who is interested in running a small business, not a massive organization, one where they can create flexibility in their life while doing work that is meaningful and creates unlimited income potential.

These 6 ideas each have:

  • Little to no learning curve,
  • Minimal upfront investment, and
  • Align with your expertise

…making it relatively simple to get started.

So…What services can you provide to the marketplace?

Profitable Business Ideas for 2021:

1. Coaching

Do you have strong skills in teaching and guiding?

Coaching is where you are helping clients achieve a specific outcome, either personally or professionally, by providing training and guidance to get them to the result they are after.

2. Consulting

Are you really good at problem solving?

Consulting is you providing your expertise on a subject in exchange for a fee. Clients hire you to provide your expert opinion, analysis and recommendations; help trouble shoot, provide strategies to prevent issues and improve performance.

3. Agency

Are you interested in providing a done-for-you type service with a small team?

Agencies provide a particular done-for-you type service. Generally speaking, you have a team working under you, you may outsource different tasks and projects are typically, although not necessarily, larger in scale.

4. Course

Interested in creating an educational product that solves a specified problem?

The great thing about creating a course and what many find attractive is that you create it once and can sell it over and over again, even while you sleep, create passive income.

5. Membership Site

A membership site is another passive income opportunity. Unlike a course which you sell one time, a membership site generate reoccurring sales each month or year that members pay for.

Membership sites are ongoing, they do require upkeep, exclusive content and engagement.

6. Paid speaking

If you have a message, a methodology that you want to share with the world (or industry peers), you are comfortable with public speaking and see yourself owning the stage – this may be the opportunity for you.

Those are 6 lucrative small business ideas that you can jump on today.

Which business idea sounds the most intriguing to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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