Crystal Layland Entrepreneurship, YouTube Videos

The idea of starting or growing your own business is exhilarating!

  • creating flexibility and work-life balance…
  • having freedom..
  • making an impact in the lives of others…
  • building wealth…
  • creating options for yourself and your family…
  • and being able to do their own thing.

A lot of women, with drive and ambition and incredible ideas, don’t even start.

Even those amazing, confident, high achieving, experienced women.

Some of the reason they hold themselves back is because of their fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of not being supported, fear of not enoughness, fear of not having the safety-net, or even this idea that they lack the time.

Here’s the thing, when you hold a strong desire for more, it never goes away.

It builds and breeds and strengthens.

If you don’t explore it, it can also create resentment.

I want to change that.

My mission is to accelerate the advancement and economic progression of women in the shortest amount of time, specifically women who want to start and grow their businesses to a full time income and leave their demanding corporate career in the past.

I look forward to lessoning the fear of entrepreneurship and helping other women grow their businesses.