3 Ways to Attract High Quality Leads

Crystal Layland Entrepreneurship, Lead Generation, YouTube Videos

Are you tired of attracting leads that don’t have the budget, are unwilling to be resourceful, leave you drained and stressed out? Here are 3 ways to attract high quality leads for your coaching, consulting or done-for-you service business.

Implementing these 3 strategies will save you valuable time and energy creating more room for those potential clients who are ready to work with you. 


How to Attract High Quality Leads to Your business

In order to pre-qualify leads for your business, Its important to understand “why”.

Why should we have a system in place to qualify leads? 

Qualifying leads helps you determine if they meet the requirements for the services you offer. 

On paper – Do they have the problem you can help them resolve? 

Do they have the budget for this level of investment? 

Not only that, but also, is this the type of client who you want to work with? 

By qualifying leads you avoid spending time and money in pursuit of a lead who isn’t a good fit.

Here are three ways you can begin to pre-qualify leads now

  1. In your copy and your messaging: Are you using victim language? Are you using broke language? 
  2. Application: Use an application system. Prior to them booking a consultation, strategy, (discovery) session, have them complete a questionnaire with questions that would help you pre-qualify the lead.
  3. Your Marketing Strategy: Another way, is to prep them through your marketing content and funnel you set up. If they need to have xyz before working with you or hiring you for your services, show them how to achieve that through your content.

By implementing these 3 strategies you will begin to see a shift in the quality of leads that come your way.

Do you have a question on qualifying leads for your coaching, consulting or done-for-you service business, drop your question in a comment section and I’ll answer it in an upcoming video.