Understanding Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace with Julie Kratz

Crystal Layland Podcast Episodes

In episode 7 of Her Career Network Podcast, we discuss how to lead and nurture our work place environment through understanding diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Today’s guest is the author of Lead like an Ally, Inclusive Leadership Coach and Trainer, and Host of Next Pivot Point Podcast, Julie Kratz.

Click the player below to listen:

Valuable Anti-Racism resources from Julie:

  1. A new racism page on Julie’s website with video, ideas for ally programs, and blogs specific to race.  
  2. A new program Unpacking Racism in partnership with Ericka Young Program covers racial vocabulary, white privilege, and ways to show up as allies.  The investment includes pre-work, recorded program, and tools to bring to your organization.
  3. Racism in America panel discussion.  Julie contributed to Simone Morris’ panel discussion, you can catch the replay here.
  4. Anti-racism resources for white people.  This document is rich with book, article, podcast, and film recommendations to help extend the journey as an ally.
  5. Anti-Racism Daily newsletter.  I subscribed to Nicole Cardoza’s daily newsletter.  They are nice daily doses of inspiration and knowledge to help people stay engaged over time.