When You’re Tired of sliding off your New Year’s Resolution

If you’re struggling right now wondering how to make this year, this new cycle work, if you’re tired of subscribing to the same patterns…this is the episode for you.

Welcome to Her Fearless Hustle’s New Years Special Episode.

I’ve invited a former guest back on the show because I know this time of year always brings a bit of anxiety, a magnified awareness of all that we feel we are missing or in need of change…and so many questions….

How are we suppose to approach the new year?

How do we finally reach goals we set and not retort to previous habits after a few days?

How do I make this year better in the now and moving into the future?

Instead of failed resolution…how do we turn this opportunity of “NEW” into a true reset?

There is a secret sauce.

It is available to all of use. It’s not based on luck.

I brought Accidental Psychic, Intuitive, Business Medium, Willow Bradner back on the show to discuss how we can break our patterns with the new year and how we can show up for what we want.

Happy New Year to you!

Willow has a live event coming up next week starting January 13. You can register for the exclusive event here. This is perfect timing. Her positive energy is infectious, her knowledge and insight are invaluable I am certain you will gain a lot from this episode.

Here is my conversation with Willow. Click play in the audio player below to begin.


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