Serena Flowers, CEO of The General Store

CEO of The General Store, Serena Flowers

Serena started out by creating a business called The General Store, which serves attendee’s at some of America’s biggest music festivals (Coachella, Lost Lands, Kaaboo, and Stagecoach- to name a few.) 

She found her niche and provides a superior service that makes her a respected female figure in the music festival industry. Having been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and taking her business from zero to one-hundred, Serena has experienced success and failure giving her first-hand knowledge and insight into what it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur in a male run industry.

In addition to raising a successful business she is also raising a four year old little boy, endlessly creating herself, the lifestyle she desires, and she’s giving back. Giving back to women of all ages and teaching them the skills and tools to take ownership of their lives and level up in business through  Serena Flowers Collective. Here is my conversation with Serena. Click play in the audio player below to begin.

EP. 78 | CEO of The General Store, Serena Flowers


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