Here’s What’s Coming in Season 2 of the Her Fearless Hustle Podcast

In this episode, I am sharing what is happening in Season 2 of the Her Fearless Hustle podcast.

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Popping in to give you a quick update on what is to come in Season 2

I am super excited! I’ve missed you – I’ve missed this space

So here’s where we are…the last episode was in November with the lovely Carissa Hill

(check it out she was fabulous)

In that episode, I mentioned my plans and intention of taking a break coming back in the new year – I wasn’t sure when that would happen

During my time off, there was a lot of questions answered, a lot of solid decisions made, lots of growth and action – its been Incredible

Thing One

What I am prepared to tell you is that during that time

I have met with some phenomenal women and our conversations will be appearing in season 2 starting TUESDAY…March 19, 2019

These women are from all over the country, all different industries, highly successful women, with great stories, super relatable – I can’t wait to share them with you

I got tripped up many times during our discussions where I forgot that I was interviewing – because I was so intrigued by their stories. But I carried on and nevertheless gathered incredible knowledge nuggets for ya.

Thing Two

Another thing coming up is I’ve created a new training where I’m sharing with you

the 5 Steps I Used To Finally Break my Self-Sabotaging Cycle or what I like to call,

the 5 Steps I Used to Get Out of My Own Way and Show Up For My Life and My Business, (after years of being stuck in self-sabotaging patterns)

I’m going to show you exactly what I was missing when it came to stopping my own self-sabotaging cycle – I’m sharing what I didn’t know for the longest time and why everything I tried didn’t work out for me.

Here is who its specifically for…Its for the woman who

  • Is super smart, ambitious, and wildly independent. She is passionate about helping others in a more impactful way but for quite some time, she’s found herself in a steady state inaction because of fear, self-doubt and second-guessing, or the need to seek approval…and as a result her business isn’t budging… she doesn’t have consistent leads, consistent sales and consistent clients… She needs to figure out why this is happening and how to put a stop to it…now. She never wants to look at another job posting again.
  • Knows she has to make this work – no one is going to come in and save her. She can no longer tolerate being stuck working for someone else in a career  that does not fulfill her, she wants more, she has kids at home that she need to support, who depend on her and she constantly feels like she is failing them because she hasn’t seen the momentum in her business.
  • Has become a self-help addict pleading to find a solution yet is still suffering – standing in her own way and wakes up trying to change what is wrong every single day!!!! She spends so much time thinking about what’s lacking in her life and in her business and how to fix it that she misses valuable time with her kids. She secretly fears she will always be where she always is; running around in circles, playing it safe, not earning what she wants, feeling unfulfilled and letting her kids down. She is tired of band-aid solutions like the latest $20 self-help book that leaves her running around in a hamster wheel with no resolve; she wants something different, a real solution with real solid results.
  • Is tired of not seeing growth, she is frustrated. She sees other women out running their business with success, constant clients, making the kind of money she’d love to make, creating the freedom she’d love to have – she knows it’s possible but it hasn’t happened for her so she feels lost, disappointed, embarrassed, like why can’t she figure this out?
  • Continuously procrastinates. She fills voids by emotionally eating, emotional spending, or other time wasting activities instead of taking immediate action toward her desired goal and focusing on tasks that will build momentum and generate revenue. She passes off opportunity after opportunity to imposter syndrome and downplays her experience, skills and achievements.
  • If you are an entrepreneurial woman who is stuck, reached a plateau with little to know growth, can no longer tolerate settling for a life less than when you know you were meant for so much more and you understand you’re standing in your own way, and you’re ready, willing and committed to doing whatever it takes, then this training is for you

To get a front row seat to that training sign up at 

With that being said, I am so excited to kick off season 2

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