How to leverage your time & grow your business

Do you feel overwhelmed with the limited time you have between parenting duties, work, and home obligations that your business tasks or even the overarching plan of getting your business off the ground is put on the back burner and you’re starting to resent your obligations because you know that if you could just get going if you could just get to where you want to be…things could change all of your lives for the better?

I get it.

In today’s video I walk through how to leverage your time as an busy, mom entrepreneur and grow your business.

Its stressful, it’s frustrating and sometimes it feels discouraging.  

Perhaps your goal is to leave a job that you love dearly to pursue your own passion or maybe you are not fulfilled at your current position and want to do the work you love…

You know that once you do that, opportunities will open up for you…

You will have the freedom to move your income earning gap – after all there is no limit to how much money you can earn as a business owner.

You will have freedom in your schedule

You will be available for your kids and more present at home

All of this sounds phenomenal, right!?

But these are actually things you can and should start creating right now

You don’t have to wait UNTIL, and get into the “When…then…” trap.

If you do, it won’t happen for you.

Start by setting and communicating our boundaries so you can dedicate time to work on your business.

If you don’t do this…the resentment is going to grow and the feeling of defeat is going to cloud over you.

But what is not going to go away is your dream, your goal, your desire to make an impact.

Here is a way to avoid all of that unnecessary stress

Here is a snippet of what I teach my clients…

Anytime we are feeling overwhelmed…is a sign we need to refocus and simplify.

You need to get your business to a point where you are generating a consistent amount of income that you will be able to scale if you decide to go full time as an entrepreneur

Here are 3 main tips for you to leverage your time and grow your business

Unsubscribe to extra shit. Don’t spend your time on things like Netflix or binging on Instagram.

Unsubscribe to people that don’t support you or your goal.

Now, not everyone is going to understand your drive or your mission, that is okay.

Who you need to separate yourself from are those who create drama or are complainers, or pessimistic, don’t take responsibility for their lives…

Detox areas in your life that are not supporting you.

You gotta keep the kids so don’t even go there…

I know they can get on your nerves and be all extra…but they’re yours. I see you! smh

The next tips is to examine your strategy.

What are you not getting done that really needs to be done?

If it is your website copy…not important.

If it involves the meat of your client attraction strategy- this IS important.

What are the core tasks that need to be completed for you to secure a new client?

Cut out the excess and simplify your strategy.

Three areas that I focus the most on in my business are leads, sales, and clients.

I’m not fussing with my SEO, or my website copy, or even a whole lot of content marketing…

I have a simple system that generates leads, creates sales conversations and generates clients.  

I eliminate the excess and nurture that system.

The third tip is to commit to your goal.

Everything you want is right around the corner.

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Do your best today.