How to Create Change

For my fellow entrepreneurial moms friends that are trying to scale their side-business out of the hobby zone…

Are you the woman you need to become to get your business to that level where you want it to be?

Let me explain…

Everything you’ve been doing and creating got you here, where you are in your entrepreneurial journey – we will call this Point A. You started your business. You know your strengths. You’re not quite generating that full time income. 

But now, you really want to be HERE, Point B – full time entrepreneur, generating consistent clients and therefore consistent revenue. You’ve got a working business – #bosslife

Understand, getting to Point A was a definitely a growing opportunity, no doubt. It may have taken some time and you had obstacles to overcome. It’s quite possible you didn’t pay much attention to all of the changes that were taking place in this journey we call “life”.

Now, Getting to Point B, is going to involve intentional work and intentional change

It is going to involve pattern interruption.

The first significant shift getting from A to B is to unsubscribe to stories that no longer support you.

These are the stories you tell yourself…victim mindset, the struggle, limiting beliefs based on past events, impostor syndrome, playing into your fears…

The second shift is to act “as if”.

The woman that has everything you want…what does she do?

How does she spend her time?

Who does she surround herself with?

How does she dress, speak, think?

Act as if you are already there.

If you don’t make these two shifts, you will continue to circle Point A and stay right where you are.

And IF clients showed up to work with you, you would not be able OR available to handle all that is required of you to the fullest capacity because you will be operating from past stories, patterns and behaviors that do not support your growth

If you’re willing to unsubscribe to your past stories and if you’re willing to play the role of who you’re becoming, you will pave that path from A to B.

These are two things you can shift right now.

There’s work to be done my friend.

If you really want to make some moves and are hungry for success, I’ve got a few slots open this week to chat (totally free) and get you to Point B – showing up in your business to the fullest capacity: