Interview with Katie Horner on Ep. 46

Bootstrapping, Self-Doubt and Other People’s Opinions w/ Katie Hornor


Katie Hornor teaches women with a message the action steps to increase their impact and income, create missional courses, and grow into movement leaders.

Katie speaks internationally at online business and educational events, and is the author of more than 40 self-published books and courses for children and adults, including three Amazon Best Sellers.

As a #RelationshipMarketing expert and the founder of, Katie coaches women entrepreneurs to stress less, spread your message further & grow your online income.

Her and her husband began their entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with no savings and very little monthly income. Living solely on ministry donations, they hustled every spare minute and have grown their businesses debt free.

Katie and Tap live, work and homeschool their 5 children in tropical Mexico for the past 11 years, where their businesses allow them to pursue their passions of a local coffee shop and ministering to the Spanish Speaking homeschool community with their Lemonhass® homeschool curriculum. Katie's coaching clients rave about her wisdom and integrity, her ability to simplify complicated processes, and her passion for her clients’ success.

Are you not giving yourself permission to enjoy or own your accomplishments?


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