How to Motivate Yourself to Start with Michelle Ngome


If I didn’t lose everything, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Obstacles can really be our elevator.

When it comes to motivation, Michelle is your girl!

She is her own hype man as she says and she has some great advice on how you can follow suit. S​​imply speaking with her on the show was a joy she is infectious! ​

Consistency is something I for sure struggle with. Especially when there is so much noise around telling us, you need to to it this, no, you must do it this way.

​​During my conversation with Michelle, she really drilled down on how consistency is the key to her success. With the overwhelming amount of advice online, you really must be choosy on where you spend your time and who you are listening to. It all comes down to you - what feels good to you.

Let me just tell you, if you are stretching towards an marketing activity or social media platform that doesn't interest you (and your audience could give two effs about) then your going to get overwhelmed, fall off and end up pissed as hell. (or is that just me?) ​​​

If you are trying to create an impact and build a business, you must step into consistency - be consistent with the efforts that will make the most traction. And if you want to know my top three activities to focus on when you are earning under 10K a month, message me and I am happy to share what I am doing. ​​

Michelle Ngome is a Connection Enthusiast and founder of Line 25 Consulting and host of The Networking With Michelle Show, thee go to podcast for African American Millennials discussing life strategies with a bit of entrepreneurial advice.

Michelle is an expert on connecting with people through content and conversations and is a two-time author of Success Undefined and Network, Navigate & Nurture. 

Listen to today's episode and share with a friend who could relate to Michelle's personal story with self-sabotage.

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