How to Get Your Shit Together with Kali Rogers


My greatest challenge was impostor syndrome. I wanted to give up when I didn’t see results…fast!

Don't wait around for an opportunity, create one - you don't need permission!

So many nuggets of knowledge on today's show!

Kali Rogers, author of “Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: How to Get Your Shit Together in Your 20’s”. I know exactly what she meant when she told me that she struggled with giving up when she didn't see immediate results - me too!

Kali Rogers is the Founder of Blush Online Life Coaching. She and her team of coaches help females from around the globe get over their quarter-life crisis, grow their self-confidence, heal from nasty breakups, and work on bettering their relationships.

She is also the author of “Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis: How to Get Your Shit Together in Your 20’s” and has been featured on The Washington Post, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, BravoTV, Bustle, Elite Daily, and Thought Catalog.

She's been interviewed on the following podcasts: That's So Maven, Day in the Life, Soul Sparks, The Real Female Entrepreneur, and more.

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