You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to create an impact

Entrepreneur is a word I use fluidly when describing my clients, my services, basically, my life but it’s not exactly a one-size-fits-all term.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to create an impact.

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan (or are familiar at all with the practice of medicine – GA is added for “fun”) you have seen the episodes where a few key residents are pioneering some sort of medical study to cure a particular prognosis.  

In retrospect, they are gaining attention from medical heads, carving a name for themselves, and attempting to create a difference in the world of medicine. 

Some studies work, some don’t – regardless they are taking a risk, they are super passion-driven and ready to do “more”. I absolutely love this!

If you have this undeniable dedication and hunger for reaching new levels of extraordinary in your field, you’re my people.  

I totally respect your passion and often overlook that fact when I am speaking or in my writings so my apologies to all the amazing women leaders/change makers/power players who have been excluded by using the E word. 

I have crossed paths with some amazing women who have no desire to leave their traditional careers – they love what they do and who they work for – they simply have a slightly different dose of desire along the lines of creating change in their industry, while employed. 

Doing more, being great, bringing change, leading the way…are all powerful things that are not exclusive to entrepreneurship. 

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**Originally published on LinkedIn