Why is networking scary?

Why are conversations scary?

We get an email from someone that wants to connect, we hide from it. We delete it. We block it.


“Oh’ my! Sally just sent me an email to ask how my career is going. I don’t have time for this!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. I love the connection (virtual). I love the idea behind it. I love the endless opportunities that are available because of its formation.

However, since it’s grown so popular (total understatement, I know) we rely more on watching, listening, reading then on direct, genuine exchange with our peers.

As entrepreneurs, there is a lot we can learn from conversation.

Many opportunities missed because of the current avoidance of traditional communication.

Perhaps I am going about it all wrong. I have been testing and tweaking and customizing messages looking to discover what works with my community, what strikes that exchange.

What is a good conversation starter for you?

If I were to reach out to you today – what should my message read in order for you to hit reply and type away?

What if we treated the conversation starter emails as a million dollar contract?

What would happen then?

If we are connected through LinkedIn, then you have probably heard from me by now. If my personal email hasn’t popped up in your inbox with a “Hi Name”, then yours is on its way – rest assured.

It is not to bother you. My purpose is to build relationships with my current community and create meaningful connections…not simply numbers. I encourage you to do the same.

Share with me, do you hide?

How are you staying connected with your community?

Before you click away:

If you found value in today’s message, share this article with a friend who would also find value.

Do your best today!


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