When you feel like giving up on your entrepreneurial dream

I found myself crippled at the crossroads of giving up my entrepreneurial dream or pushing on. 

Back in 2014, on my drive home from my part-time job, I lost it. I lost it! My eyes welled with tears.

I was panicking worrying about my bills, driving a raggedy old car because I didn’t have the budget for a new one, saddened by the fact that not a thing (aside from my age and another kid) had changed in 8 years as an entrepreneur.

This was supposed to be different for me. I had the passion, the brains, the drive…why after all this time do I feel like I am back at square one?  

This was the year that I went all in. It was all or nothing for me.

Hopeful, I leased a cute studio space, added invitations and design to my event planning services. In fact, I was the one and only letterpress stationer in the area.

Plus, my storefront opened during a downtown business revitalization boom. I surely thought this was going to be the year for me – the year that would award me the ability to stand on my own as an entrepreneur.  

So I thought.

The reality was, I had a few clients here and there but I didn’t have nearly enough momentum to build sustainable revenue in my business. Every “big” strategy that I had planned, failed. I was even posting regularly on social media, showing up at networking events plugging my 60 second commercial to anyone who would listen, advertising in local, state and national magazines and telling everyone I know about how I can help.

It wasn’t enough.

I wasn’t REALLY working as hard as I should.

I wasn’t REALLY taking it seriously.

I didn’t REALLY believe it was possible for me.

There was even a point that I just stopped showing up. My office hours no longer posted. Over time, I silently gave up.  

On that frantic drive home, I acknowledged my reality. I was devastated.

At 30+ years of age, I should have a house by now. Single parent or not, I shouldn’t be asking for help financially. Everyone I know is married with kids, two incomes coming in, a mortgage, student loans paid off, vacations planned, and new cars purchased. I felt like I was fresh out of college trying to figure out what to do with my life.

Something had to change but I wasn’t going to walk away.

I decided to invest in me, not another strategy or paid ad to grow my business, me.

My next and best move was to re-evaluate what the heck I truly wanted in my life. That is exactly what I did.

If you are in that place right now, here is what I would do if I were you:

  1. Take a breath.
  2. Reflect.
  3. Re-evaluate.
  4. Take more action.

It is not worth giving up. Entrepreneurial minds, true entrepreneurs, they never stop thinking about how they can serve others, how they can monetize, how they can be greater, how they can be independent…

You are probably never going to silent your crave for entrepreneurship.

It will keep you awake at night.

When you see that Audi next to you at the stop light, you will wonder how you can generate enough income to buy your own fresh off the lot.

The thought will find you every single day.

It’s certainly okay to try harder. It’s okay to switch things up and try something new. We’ve all been there (at least I know I have and I am not alone). Whatever you decide to do, do not give up.

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**Originally posted on LinkedIn