What impact are you trying to create in the world?

Organize A La Mode, that was the name of my first business.

No, I didn’t sell neatly arranged ice cream sundaes. I was a professional organizer teaching families and small business owners organization and time management techniques.

One would say the impact professional organizers make is creating an organized space and schedule free of clutter in order to simplify the daily lives of others. That sounds helpful right?

I didn’t make it too far into the business.

Not that I wasn’t passionate about helping others. More like I wasn’t passionate enough about the overall impact that I was making.

You see, my entrepreneur venture was led by my own personal agenda…to make money and feed my frickn’ kids so that we no longer lived off of Food Stamps, Medical Assistance and Section 8. Yes, even as a full-time employed, college graduate that was the reality.

Now, I had good intentions – to bump my single family household up a few notches on the income bracket, it wasn’t enough.

What I know now, or so I would like to think, is by having a deep rooted passion for the impact that I was creating would have sustained my business.

Here is a perfect example. Take a look at your Facebook timeline. I am sure you are connected to JANE who is always trying to sell you something in the form of “sale”, “new product”, “try my shake”, “this wrap will make you lose 10 inches instantly – no joke”. Jane is someone trying to sell you something because she is looking to generate that sale – thee sale – a sale – any frickn’ sale.

Then there is JENNA who shares stories that you can relate to. When you start reading her posts, the words on the screen resonate with you and breed deep rooted emotion because you are connecting with Jenna’s story. From her story, you take this journey with her. Although it is Jenna’s journey, it slowly becomes yours as well. Her story, her journey is forming an impact on you.

Even if Jenna and Jane are in the same industry selling the exact same product or service, Jane is going to get burned out and give up. Jenna is on the path to building something greater than she could ever have imagined.

There is a huge difference between speaking from a self-less place improving the livelihood of another and speaking from a place of monetary urgency.

Impact first = selfless and passion driven, sustainable

Money first = quick win, quick burn.

What is leading you?

What I want you to take away from today’s message is if you are leaning toward money, there is time to change that around. Refocus. What is the true impact you are trying to make. Stop selling and start helping.

If you are leading with impact, fantastic! Don’t be afraid to monetize, just keep moving forward.

What impact are you trying to create in the world?

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**Originally posted on LinkedIn