What don’t you have enough time for?

Have you heard this before, “you have as much time as Beyonce”? Now, I am not exactly sure what Bey accomplishes in one day’s time but heck she is wildly successful.

I know that I have used time as an excuse for…well, pretty much everything.

“I don’t have enough time…to go to the gym”

“I don’t have enough time…to eat healthy”

“I don’t have enough time…livestream”

“I don’t have enough time…to be consistent with [you fill in the blank]”

Time is a valuable resource every single person is given the same amount of. 

Sure, time isn’t money but what you do with your time equates to the income you are bringing in your household.

If you want to create a deeper impact and more income, your daily activities must reflect that.

Here is what happens when we don’t manage our time, we end up prospecting 5% of our time and planning 95%.

Now, if I am being totally being honest, the first 8 years as an entrepreneur I spent 99% of my day…planning and I have bank statements to prove just that. Yikes!

When you are emerging into a new venture, you must put forth maximum effort in all of the right places – Prospecting.

What does that mean? That means…

  • Get out there and start conversations with your ideal audience
  • Connect with fresh faces, complimentary businesses, and old acquaintances
  • Show up every single day, provide value and add to the discussion
  • Picking up the phone, sending an email, hosting workshops/webinars/teleseminars, meeting face-to-face

Put in the work prospecting, build up momentum and then you will see the shifts you desire. 

Stop complaining that you don’t have enough time in the day. You do. You simply must use your time wisely.

Thank you for being here with me.

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**Originally posted on LinkedIn