Do more shit that scares you

What a perfect day for a topic about being scared.

Only a very few know this about me, I wrote a book, a few years ago, I wrote a book. My mentor Stephen pushed me to think bigger. He saw in me what I didn’t yet see in myself. He said that my next step, to become an authority, was to write and publish a book.

So, scared shitless, not thinking my niche at the time was book-worthy, I wrote it. I never showed it or published it, but I wrote it. Although I wanted to become known as an expert in the industry, I sure as hell didn’t show up like one.

I was afraid that I didn’t have what it takes to write a book. I was afraid that what I had to say wouldn’t make sense or that it was too elementary for the subject. I was afraid to get excited about my book and then have it fail in front of others; in my mind, failing is all I had been doing.

Does that sound like you, too? Are you afraid to be rejected so you don’t bother trying? Or do you plan on trying but eventually fail to follow through?

Are you afraid to make phone calls or reach out to someone with whom you would like to work? Do you sit by, watching everyone else’s lives? 

Do you hold the intention of doing something great and then find the need to plan it out first,buying you time to make up silly excuses so that you don’t actually have to follow through?

Will you risk your happiness by playing it safe? Will you risk your entire dream in order to stay comfortable right where you are? 

You must be willing to do what you’ve never done to get to where you’ve never been. Make sense?

How many times have you been super excited about something and then backed down because you were scared? 

What you just witnessed ^^^ was an insert from my new book. Yes – I published my first book. 

No, it is not related to the event industry. 

Yes, it will help you if you are tired of feeling like you are missing out and that your life is unfulfilled because deep down you know there is something greater in you that is just itching to come out.

I am making a BIG announcement LIVE on Facebook and Periscope tomorrow but wanted to make sure you were some of the first to know. 

Start your business. Write a book. Step on stage. Whatever – just do more shit that scares you! 

And download my new book – Her Fearless Hustle: A woman’s guide to stop being mediocre and live with purpose. Download your copy today at Amazon or iBooks

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