How sharing your story impacts those you serve

What if I told you there is someone out there right now waiting for direction, for guidance, for approval, or some sort of sign telling them they are understood?

What if I told you that only you have the power to deliver that message?

Would you? Could you? Are you up for it?

We each hold a personal connection in the journey we decide to embark on. That is why you hear many coaches, marketers and strategists talk about the power of sharing your story.

Remember yesterday when I told you about Jenna and how by simply telling her story she takes you on a journey with her. And that journey flips an emotional trigger inside of you and suddenly you are drawn to her?

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Like Jenna’s story, your story is power.

It may be that one thing that creates an incredible impact on someone’s life. However, you wouldn’t know that if you continue to stay “hush”.

I was catching up with an old friend over lunch today and we began reminiscing about what we have been through over the years. She and I both were single, young moms, that fact alone feels like we are marked with a scarlet letter.

Even though we have had completely different experiences it came down to the same revelation. Whether it was purpose driven or simply a candid moment, the times we shared our individual stories amid an audience, there was always one person that stood out from the crowd.

It was the one person that saw herself in our stories.

If my story and its forbidden moments can positively change another woman’s life, I did my job.

Your vulnerability, your uncomfortableness and perhaps embarrassment, is worth risking when you see the incredible impact you can make on someone’s life.

My only hope is that you are willing to take that risk. Help them discover they are no longer alone and show them a possibility to overcome barriers they face.

It’s so easy to not show up. I get it, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to help another through your same struggle or you bypassed realizing the power of which is your truth.

Start sharing your story today.

How did you get here? What did you have to overcome?
What does this mean for you?
What did you struggle with? What did you learn from that?
In the book, Her Fearless Hustle: a woman’s guide to stop being mediocre and live with purpose, I talk about my cape. What my cape is, is all the crap, all the negative experiences, mistakes I’ve made, and life’s memories that I held on to and that once had kept me from the greater good life has to offer.

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We hold on to these past events as though they are a scarlet letter or a prison sentence. Instead of releasing the emotional grip and realizing “that happened, it does not define me. I forgive me”.

Your story can impact someone else. Its time you start telling it.

Do your best today!


**Originally posted on LinkedIn