Does current environment fully support who you’re becoming?

What a dreadful question!

Today’s discussion is not new news.

In fact, you already know that there are people close to you who are negatively impacting your growth but you’re brushing off having to cut ties because that thought makes you uncomfortable.


We are not just talking about people who you surround yourself with either.

There are mundane habits you engage in every single day that leave you uninspired. 

And there are mindset patterns that trap you from taking massive action.

In order to create an environment that fully supports who you’re becoming you must be willing to shake things up.

If your current environment stays unchanged, everything that it musters up will remain the same. Every feeling, every pattern will remain as it has always been.

You have control over your environment, you really do.

You decide how you spend your time. You decide who you share your day with. You decide how you want to feel or think. The decision is yours.

I’ve personally struggled with creating a supportive environment on my own. As a coach and mentor, I see this in my clients as well. Their desire is to create an impact by becoming leaders, change makers, authors, speakers, influencers, power players in their field.

This requires them to become uncomfortable, break habits, switch focus, create new friendships and leave old ones behind.

Today, I am telling you exactly what I tell them, you must be willing to do what you’ve never done.

It is time to give up unsupportive habits, mindset, and people in order to become someone we’ve never been.

What you can do is create an environment that stimulates your senses. 

  • Stop surrounding yourself with those who are negative or settle for average. Make new relationships. Join new social or professional groups with like-minded people.
  • Try new things. When you would normally decline, instead, accept.
  • Replace your morning routine with something that shakes you up a bit.
  • Writing ignites the senses. Try journaling every day or start a video journal.
  • Find something that breaks up the pattern of your ordinary life.

Have the guts to let go of people, places and things that do not fully support you and have faith you’ll be okay without them. 

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  • Does your environment fully support who you’re becoming or is it hindering your growth?
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**Originally posted on LinkedIn