• 11-29-2017 | Psychology of Money & Guilt Around Spending
  • 12-06-2017 | 3 Steps to Shift Your Money Mindset
  • 12-13-2017 | Using Credit as a Tool (not a symbol of shame)
  • 12-20-2017 | Money Story Myths

Women Beyond Wealthy

Teaching women how to build wealth
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Women need to have more conversations about money. and NOW!  So…Ashley and I are doing just that.

We combined our experience, our expertise, and our shared passion for helping women build wealth to create a value-packed chat for you. It will be super casual (and private) we promise.

Like having happy hour with your closest girlfriends but…instead of talking about kids, work and gripping about what our guys didn’t do around the house, we are initiating serious MONEY conversations and igniting the inner entrepreneur in you.

PLUS, we will help you access the tools to move out of debt, increase your credit score, gain access to residual income and improve your overall financial health.

Say “buh-bye” to the struggle

Join us for our next Money Talks Workshop

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Ashely Todd

Realtor, Wife and Mother. Ashley is determined to help women, mothers, and wives, take ownership of their financial independence and create options for the life they want. Your dreams are well within your reach.

Real Estate,
Budgeting, Entrepreneurship

Crystal Layland

Author, Life Mastery Coach & Mentor, Host of Her Fearless Hustle the Podcast, and Digital Marketing Strategist at Crystal Layland Media.
Crystal’s passion is empowering women to overcome self-sabotage and ignite the passion that drives them to creating a life on their terms.

Mindset, EFT Tapping, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy